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Hello Fauji Wives!

February 15, 2010

Hi to every one of you who are ‘married to the Uniform’ and happen to read this post.

This is actually a dream come true. Since ages, I have been wondering as to how all of us can be part of a single platform where we can express ourselves in the manner that we wish to, and not that the hierarchy wishes us to.

We all have so much potential to make things happen for us, for our families, for the society and also for our Men in Uniform. The scope is endless.

All we need is women who can take the first few steps and make others follow. Do you believe that you have it in you to make a difference in both your lives and the lives of those around you?

If you do, please share your views with me. If you wish to contribute to this blog as an author, that would be excellent. You may select any topic that you wish to write on. It could be your views, an article, a recipe, an events announcement. Anything that you feel will add value to others in the community. Of course, you will have to create an account with WordPress, which is not very difficult. I am sure your husbands can help you with this one!

If you think you have information that can help others, or anything that you wish to communicate for the community, and are not comfortable putting it on the blog, please feel free to write to me at .

Lets make this journey a fulfilling one!

Best Wishes,

Harpreet Randhawa


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