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Follow the wife – A good second career move for your husbands?

April 4, 2010

Please read this article from the Times of India –

There are so many of us fauji wives, who are either working during our husbands’ careers, or have the potential to earn but have not been able to do so due to the demands of the ‘Profession of Arms’. All our lives, we have been happy to adjust, compromise our careers, put our agendas on hold, because our husbands were safeguarding the country. The enterprising lot among us are content with teaching in local schools, as it allows you to continue in your next station as well, if other conditions are met.

Generally, when our Fauji hubbies intend leaving their career, either prematurely or on superannuation, there is definitely a fear looming in their minds about the insecurities that lie ahead. Yet, very few of them give a serious thought to their wives capabilities of being a support as an earning member.

In the era when India’s economy is growing and there are endless opportunities for those who take initiative, it is high time that we consider the working wife’s options and possibilities while making this career move for the husbands.

I can give you my example. Now that my husband has taken the plunge to move out after 20 years service, he does have a number of options to take up a job. However, having been in the education sector and due to his unflinching support, I have been able to create space for me and am heading the IGCSE wing of an international school.

Under these circumstances, it would do my family a lot of good if my husband chooses to settle in my place of work, or I take up an assignment where both of us can persue our jobs, even if it means settling in an entirely new place for him.

I am sure many of you would be in the same situation. Would love to hear your comments.

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